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Aloha! Well, I figured since we are married it is probably time to start a blog! All married people have them, right? Here is a little about OUR new family:) -We got married May 25th, 2010 in the Salt Lake Temple. The day was sun shiny and beautiful:) -For now, we are living in Midvale, Ut..rockin' the State Street at Brighton Place Apts..woot woot! -We are both going to the University of Utah and loving it, but do admit I miss Cedar A TON!! Andrew is studying Computer science...I know could he have picked an easier major? He is a smarty pants...turns me on:) I am studying special education and people tell me I am perfect for it...what does THAT mean?! -We are a one car family...go green! -We are both working. Andrew at Convergy's and the mrs. at American Executive Office Suites as a receptionist..."Goood afternoon this is American Executive Office Suites, how can I direct your call?" hehe.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Day Six...Favorite super hero and why...

Hmmm..Hmmm This one is hard! I have never really been into super heroes, heroins before. BUT If I had to say my favorite super hero would be Helen Incredible AKA Elasti-girl!!
She is stretchy and can do just about anything. Being a super mom and doing all this other cool super hero stuff...I hope I am a cool mom like that! Du Du Du!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall is in the air...can you taste it?

Fall is my FAVORITE season. The colors, smells, seasons, and especially the tastes of fall. There is just something about yummy squash soups, pumpkin cookies, and breads...my oven is heated and ready to BAKE. Check out these pictures, You know you want to make them too...:)

New World Chili-This will make you wish for a cold night. GREAT with cornbread..

Pumpkin Gingerbread..

Pumpkin Vookies-perfect for any party, or just for you:)

you can find these recipes and more at www.bhg.com

Day Five...A picture of a place I have been to..

So summer 2009 Andrew went back home to Hawaii after school and so we did the whole long distance thing...skype, phone calls, packages, etc...it was hard but adventurous and fun at the same time! I bought a plane ticket (well my daddy did...hehe) and went to visit him and meet his family. I was there for 3 weeks...it was a blast! This particular picture is taken at "Chinaman's Hat." It is a little island you can walk (if the tide is low enough) or float out to..it is so cool. you can't live there, it is just somewhere you can walk around and carve your initials into trees and what not. haha On our way back...I got stung by a jelly fish..I think it was called portuguese man of war or something..ouchy! It hurt, but it was fun nontheless:) good memories, glad I got to go visit!

Day Four..a habit I wish I didn't have...

Habits Habits Habits...they can be good or bad. A habit that I reeeeallly wish I didn't have was biting, picking, ripping, mutilating my poor finger nails. They "say" if you sustain from doing a habit for 2 weeks, it will go away. uh hum..I've gone months without biting my nails and it always comes back-dur! Sometimes I think stress has to do with it, and the fact my nails are not thick and strong, they snag and break when they get longer. Another habit would be to not pick at my face...but I am sorry-I think all girls understand the reason why we do! UGH gotta love those beautiful acne attacks.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Day THREE...a picture of you and your frends

So I'm only supposed to upload ONE picture for this particular day of blogging...but I'm going to put more because these pictures are fond memories. THey make me miss these people, fun times, and being with them!

Steph, Emma, and Holly=sistas for life! I think the BEST FRIENDS anyone can have are your own family, and our friendship proves that. Near or far, we are so close and I am forver grateful for their examples, love, and the happiness they give me:)

These are my childhood.Elementary. Middle School. High School. friends! Not all of my girls are pictured (shout out to you all!) but I love these girls:) Karli, Natalie, Keegan, and Sam..I was seriously lucky to have these women life...from day one!

Jessica, Kari, and Ali-my roomies from freshman year at UVSC. We truly were a fun group of girls..very different from each other in a way that was just right. We got along so well and LAUUUUGHED a lot. Miss you sexy mama's. Jessica is married to Chad Palmer and Ali is married to Stephen cook..they're expecting a baby girl. Yay! Kari is busy doing her thing, kisssing boys and making them cry...hehe.

Olive Garden/Temple girls night out! Diet Cokes, Breadsticks, dessert, laughing til we almost choke, being so full and loving that we're friends! Vanessa, Brittany, Candice, and Melissa...you guys are the best!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day two...meaning behind my blog name..

Taeoalii is our last name. Ohana is family in Hawaiian and that is where my husband is from...so put it together and you get Taeoalii Ohana:)
The date below it...May 25th, is when we sealed the deal.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day One,15 facts and a recent picture...

1. If I could do anything (career wise) I'd be a Veterinarian or a 2nd Rachel Ray
2. I stutter when I get nervous, mad, excited, or intimdated...it's embarassing:p
3. I bake when I'm stressed...but also because I love to!
4. I talk to my cats, weird?
5. I hate to shop
6. Biting my nails is my worst habit...and I CANNOT stop, I've tried so many times.
7. Sky Diving is for sure something I want to do.
8. I hate to admit it, but I am really self-conscience...
9. my favorite meal would be sushi, salad, or soup/sandwich...accompanied by a ice cold Diet Coke:)
10. Going to plays, musicals, ballets, and artsy stuff like that is really fun...I hope to see Lion King soon.
11. I do not like the heat! Unless it is on a vacation or during spring time...summer=ugh!
12. I want 4 kids..or just an even number of kids so when we go to Disneyland everyone has a roller-coaster buddy.
13. Looking at old pictures makes me really sad.
14. I like to workout, it makes me feel renewed...so cheesy, but true.
15. I want a golden retriever puppy so badly, and name him murphy.