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Aloha! Well, I figured since we are married it is probably time to start a blog! All married people have them, right? Here is a little about OUR new family:) -We got married May 25th, 2010 in the Salt Lake Temple. The day was sun shiny and beautiful:) -For now, we are living in Midvale, Ut..rockin' the State Street at Brighton Place Apts..woot woot! -We are both going to the University of Utah and loving it, but do admit I miss Cedar A TON!! Andrew is studying Computer science...I know could he have picked an easier major? He is a smarty pants...turns me on:) I am studying special education and people tell me I am perfect for it...what does THAT mean?! -We are a one car family...go green! -We are both working. Andrew at Convergy's and the mrs. at American Executive Office Suites as a receptionist..."Goood afternoon this is American Executive Office Suites, how can I direct your call?" hehe.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day Five...A picture of a place I have been to..

So summer 2009 Andrew went back home to Hawaii after school and so we did the whole long distance thing...skype, phone calls, packages, etc...it was hard but adventurous and fun at the same time! I bought a plane ticket (well my daddy did...hehe) and went to visit him and meet his family. I was there for 3 weeks...it was a blast! This particular picture is taken at "Chinaman's Hat." It is a little island you can walk (if the tide is low enough) or float out to..it is so cool. you can't live there, it is just somewhere you can walk around and carve your initials into trees and what not. haha On our way back...I got stung by a jelly fish..I think it was called portuguese man of war or something..ouchy! It hurt, but it was fun nontheless:) good memories, glad I got to go visit!

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